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SMS Email Marketing have been in existence since the outbreak of Digital Marketing , these two mediums have the ease with which you can slip in information about your company for awareness campaigns or registration links to your website or portal for subscription campaigns. Zoomin digital has been catering to various industry verticals with our best in class marketing campaigns for these medias. Don't believe us read source.

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Email marketing has over the years been evolving and has been the best tool to deliver brand website or e-commerce shopping links with special promotional codes over the years. Though the industry has taken a good setback with the number of spam reports Zoomin digital has been setting high standards with our strategy game delivering the relevant service or promotion to the right audience. Least spam and highest number of delivery reports have been achieved to the pride and joy of our clients.

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You have the liberty of choosing the location and class of audience you would like to target for your business. The read rate of text campaign is always more than 80% which means the reach to prospect audience is enhanced. As the audience can also view your texts or emails at their own convenience it also leaves a margin for positive response. Contact us for the best strategy to promote your brand with SMS-Email marketing campaigns

Transnational and promotional SMS.

Working around D.N.D to deliver the most relevant promotions to the right audience is a practice mastered with years of experience. Most consumers have registered D.N.D (Do not disturb) due to the high rate of spam received constantly through these mediums, but that dose not stop Zoomin Digital to achieve high level of delivery rate towards industries looking to harvest these campaigns for their brand promotions.

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sms email marketing agency mumbaiWe at Zoomin Digital media pvt ltd work as catalysts to grow your business at a rapid pace with a team of skilled & passionate marketing experts with over 10 years experience in Traditional & Digital Marketing.